How Penguin 2.0 Impacts Your Company’s Website & Content Marketing Efforts


Most businesses understand that having a favorable ranking on Google can increase their web presence, as well as their chance of drumming up new business. They hear the words “SEO” and “Google ranking” thrown around, but don’t exactly know how these terms impact their company’s website, content marketing efforts and the like. It’s important to understand that Google rankings are not random. They are determined by a series of algorithms, which change regularly. Ultimately, the goal of these algorithms is to allow fresh, authentic online content rise to the top, overpowering spammy sites that are built just to host ads or get links.

SEO enthusiasts and online marketers alike are abuzz over the unveiling of Penguin 2.0, a new generation of algorithms that specifically target web spam. The previous Penguin update simply checked out a site’s home page, whereas this new generation takes a deeper look within the subpages and considers smaller details. This means that it’s getting harder to disguise spam, and fresh content is a must.

So what’s changed?

Penguin 2.0 essentially aims to locate sites that serve as an authoritative voice on a subject, thus providing these pages with a boost in the rankings. The new algorithms punish “black hat SEO” which refers to unethical or unsavory tactics that a site may use to try to boost its Google ranking. This may include buying links, scraping content from other webpages, or overloading the site with keywords and ads.

How do I stay in favor with Google?

This is pretty simple: if your site is creating regular, unique content that considers the reader, you will do well in Google’s index. It’s also important that this content has some substance to it, and is high quality. Quickly throwing an article or blog together doesn’t count; providing the reader with useful information does.

How do the changes impact my business?

With these new changes comes the need for attention to detail. Some of the things a content creator or business professional should consider are:

  • Titles and descriptions: Many people overlook these components of web content, but they are becoming increasingly important. In order to truly have success with search engines, you should know what these mean and how to write them. Avoid writing titles and descriptions that are duplicates or are too wordy.
  • Anchor text: It is possible to over-optimize and overuse your keyword text. Consider instead how someone would naturally link to your site.
  • Outbound and inbound links: Questionable links to or from your site can cause a negative impact on your search engine results. If it appears as though you’re paying for a service to link back to you, you may find that your whole site falls down or out of the index entirely.
  • Advertising: Ads are how sites make money, but if it seems as though the site is up solely to support these ads, you will get penalized.

Even if you don’t see any difference in how your site is ranked since Penguin 2.0 was unveiled, it’s still important to alter your content creation strategy to accommodate the developments. Make use of talented and experienced writers who are able to offer up expertise, perspective, and depth, thus making the content on your website stand out. Instead of just hiring anybody to string together a few words, it’s more important than ever before that the press releases, blogs, articles, and other content you develop has real meaning and purpose. Filling your site with this kind of writing bolsters your business’s online presence, turning your company into an authority on the Web.

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