Supporting Customers Through Your Business Website (It’s Easier Than You Think)

iStock_000017003347XSmallWouldn’t it be nice if you could have an automated customer service center on your website—a place where your customers could go to chat, in real time, with a technical support representative, a sales staff team member, or simply some caring employee able to guide them through use of your product? That’s clearly something that would go a long way toward enhancing the customer experience, but sadly, it’s also a significant investment, both in terms of the technology and the manpower needed to staff it. can do it, maybe, but your small business likely can’t.

What small business owners sometimes fail to remember, though, is that there are other ways to offer website-based customer service—even through some evergreen written content or video. A website that’s built not just to sell but to educate and inform will, in the process, provide support to the customers who may have questions or uncertainties about whatever it is you’re selling.

Education and Support

There are a number of ways in which you can offer customer support through informative Web pages, or even downloadable PDF files. You’ll want to select the specific type of content based on what kinds of products or services you’re offering, but some examples include:

  • An FAQ page, where you round up the most commonly asked questions about your products and provide some feedback.
  • How-tos, product guides, or video tutorials.
  • Blog entries that outline some different ways in which your product can be used.
  • Product maintenance, upkeep, and repair guides.

The Advantages of Support Content

What we’d recommend with regard to these different forms of support content is that you don’t have them just to have them; pause to reflect on the advantages they might offer. If you understand why you’re doing it, you’ll be better positioned to see some results.

Support content, like what we outlined above, can deliver:

  • Customers who come to you already knowing something about your products and services—thus, warmer leads.
  • Fewer questions and concerns to address among your customers and potential customers.
  • A higher level of trust from your customers, who will see that you care about helping and supporting them.

Ultimately, customer service is something that companies all seek to provide; including some support content on your website is an incredibly simple, fairly low-hassle way to up your brand’s customer service game.

To learn more, or to enlist our help in creating content like this, we invite you to contact Grammar Chic, Inc. today at, or 803-831-7444.

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