How to Win with Your Facebook Video Strategy

VideoLogoSometimes it can be tough to know what sort of content you need to be posting to Facebook. The rules and algorithms seem ever to be changing, and what’s accepted as a winning Facebook strategy one day may fall out of favor the next.

This is not to say that there aren’t some Facebook marketing absolutes. Video is one of them. Given the radical shift toward visual content—and video content, in particular—it is all but guaranteed that posting video to Facebook is going to remain a powerful strategy for years to come.

But how can small business owners ensure they’re getting the most out of their Facebook videos?

A few specific pointers come to mind:

  1. Post your videos as “native” Facebook videos.

In other words, go to your company Facebook page and post your video directly, rather than posting to YouTube or Vimeo and then linking it. Statistics have proven that native videos get much more engagement than linked ones.

  1. Choose a “featured” video for your Facebook page.

Business owners can select one video to feature in a prominent place on their company page. Pick a video that tells your company’s story or provides a compelling introduction to what you do. This is a great way to make a striking first impression.

  1. Don’t forget your CTA.

All written content needs a call to action, and the same is true for videos. End your Facebook videos by reminding viewers to call your office or visit you on the Web; include relevant contact information printed right there on the screen.

  1. Share customer videos.

Invite your customers to get in on the action. Encourage them to take videos in which they use your products or offer testimonials for your services; highlight some of the best user-generated videos on your Facebook page.

  1. Repurpose your best Facebook videos.

Finally, remember that your really stellar Facebook videos don’t have to live only on Facebook; consider repurposing them for your company newsletter or perhaps using them in blog entries, as well.

To learn more about effective Facebook strategies—video or otherwise—we invite you to contact the Grammar Chic team today: Call 803-831-7444, or visit

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