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10 Questions to Ask Your Content Marketing Firm


Hopefully, the relationship you form with your content marketing agency will be a long and fruitful one. Like any relationship, though, this one is going to take some work if you really want it to succeed over the long haul. In particular, it’s going to require some communication—and we recommend that you begin that communication on day one.

In fact, we recommend that you start it even before you put pen to paper and sign a contract. During your initial consultation with the content marketing firm, be engaged enough to ask questions; use the answers you’re given to evaluate how well the firm might meet your needs, and how comfortable you will ultimately feel working with these people.

What questions should you be asking? We’ve got 10 questions that we love hearing from our own potential clients—ones that we feel establish a good foundation of mutual understanding.

  1. How long have you been doing this? Content marketing hasn’t exactly been around forever, and you’re not going to find a 100-year-old agency, but you still want to get a feel for the experience level you’re working with.
  2. What does your clientele look like? What kinds of businesses or verticals does the firm typically work with? Is it a firm that specializes in healthcare marketing, or in marketing for real estate professionals?
  3. How do you continue learning? The best content marketing companies will be dedicated to ongoing self-improvement. Ask about their standards of training and professional enrichment.
  4. What about reporting? How often will you receive updates on your campaign’s progress—and in what format?
  5. Who is my contact person? Learn the names of all the people you’ll be working with directly; get a feel for who you should address questions to; learn something of the chain of command.
  6. What will a successful campaign look like? What are the company’s standards for a job well done—and do they match up with your own?
  7. What about technology? What platforms and tools does the company use? Some of this may be proprietary, but hopefully the firm can fill you in on some basics.
  8. What will my involvement be? Will the firm expect you to approve blog topics and content? Find out about the level of commitment and oversight you’ll have.
  9. How often will we talk? Will members of your content marketing team be available when you need them?
  10. When will we review the campaign? At what point will you have a chance to evaluate progress and make course-corrections, if needed?

Ask the right questions of your potential content marketing firm—and ensure a foundation of clear communication. To ask us these or any other questions, visit the Grammar Chic website at www.grammarchic.net, or call 803-831-7444.


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Finding a Content Marketing Firm to Meet Your Needs


No two companies have the same content marketing needs—and, as luck would have it, no two content marketing firms offer quite the same areas of specialization. That means there is likely a company out there that can meet your content needs—but it also means you’re going to have to do some research to find it.

But how can you tell? When interviewing a new content marketing firm, how do you ensure that it has the resources and the skillsets you require? How can you be certain that your content marketing goals will be met?

You probably can’t, quite honestly—but there are a few indicators to watch out for, a few hints that you’re not barking up the wrong tree.

People and Technology

One thing to do, when interviewing a new content marketing firm, is to ask for a list of all the people who will be working on your account—not just their names but also their job titles. This can tell you a great deal about whether the company has the specific resources you require. For instance, if you know that what you need is stronger online copywriting, make sure one of the team members is listed as a Copywriter, Staff Writer, etc.

You can also ask about technology—with the caveat that most firms will have some proprietary technologies they won’t want to share with you. Still, you should be able to get at least a partial list of some technologies employed, and those technologies should reveal much about the scope of the company and the breadth of its resources.

Reviews and Recommendations

When interviewing a new content marketing firm, always ask for testimonials—and then actually read them! Study them in search for specifics—not just generic praise. See if the testimonials have any trends or noteworthy inclinations—for instance, if a lot of them seem to talk about strategy, or to mention Facebook, or to highlight copywriting or design work.

LinkedIn recommendations can also be revealing. Make sure to scour them for signs of where the content marketing firm seems to shine!

Examples of Leadership

A final observation: You can tell much about a content marketer’s acumen by the company blog. If the firm doesn’t have a blog, that’s a huge red flag. If the company has a blog but just repeats the same tired tips, that’s not much better. A firm that actually provides good, versatile tips day after day and week after week… that kind of thought leadership speaks volumes.

Does Grammar Chic, Inc. have the resources you need? We’re happy to help you find out: Contact us today to ask about our content marketing services! Visit www.grammarchic.net or call 803-831-7444.


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