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4 Easy Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram


If you still think Instagram is all about selfies, cat photos, and bad pictures of food, then it’s time to wake up. The picture-sharing mobile platform now has more than 400 million users, and is growing at a faster rate than any other social channel. In other words, it’s a channel far too significant for your brand to ignore it.

That’s not necessarily to say that Instagram is for everyone. Some companies are more photogenic than others, and it’s understandable that, say, an accounting firm might see less worth in Instagram than a florist, a baker, or a pet groomer.

Using Instagram for All It’s Worth

But if your branding has any visual component at all, you should at least think about using Instagram—and using it strategically. That means optimizing each pictorial post to not only get likes and comments, but ultimately grow your number of followers.

Some simple ways to do that include:

  1. Use popular hashtags. You don’t have to be an Instagram expert to know what hashtags are; they’re the cross-platform language of social media, and they provide a great way to connect your posts to broader conversations. And while there is merit in using custom hashtags, it’s at least as important to use Instagram’s Search icon to track down really hot hashtags and anchor your posts to them. (Just make sure to keep them relevant; don’t jump on an irrelevant hashtag just for the sake of being trendy.)
  1. Interact with other posts. Keep the social in social media. If your Instagram strategy is all about you, don’t be surprised when your follower list fails to grow. Rather than being insular and self-absorbed, take some time to find posts relevant to your niche—again, use search/hashtags—and like and comment.
  1. Always tag your posts with a location. Want people to come see you in your office? Make sure you let them know where it is—and also make it easier to connect with customers and clients who may also tag themselves at your location.
  1. Spread links to your Instagram. People like Instagram because they like looking at photos, so it doesn’t necessarily take much of a push for you to get people to look you up. Include links to your Instagram account on your blogs, your website, other social platforms—even your email signature.

Follow these tips to boost your Insta-following—and for help, don’t hesitate to contact Grammar Chic: 803-831-744 or www.grammarchic.net.

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Do You Have an Effective Instagram Strategy?


We’ve all heard the jokes about Instagram—about how it’s really just a delivery vehicle for cat photos and selfies, about how frustrating it is to see people posting countless food pictures and post-workout snapshots. In truth, though, small business owners laugh off Instagram at their own risk: Currently there are more than 200 million active monthly users, and more than a quarter of all Fortune 500 companies have their own Instagram accounts—a figure that’s steadily growing all the time, and that points to the real content marketing potential that Instagram offers.

Is Instagram Right for You?

Of course, as we have noted before, not all social platforms are right for all companies, and it may be that Instagram just doesn’t fit into your content marketing scheme. The conventional wisdom says that, because Instagram is an image-dominated, photo- and video-sharing platform, it is especially useful for companies that have photogenic, visually appealing products to showcase, and that’s probably true enough.

Just because you don’t have physical products to share doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from Instagram, though. For one thing, you can always use it to provide some “behind the scenes” snapshots, humanizing your company and your team. Memes and infographics have their place, and even if your products don’t lend themselves well to photography, you may be able to share pictures of the benefits you provide; for example, a lawnmower company may not get much mileage out of sharing pictures of their machinery, but pictures of DIY home landscaping projects will definitely attract some attention!

Building a Brand

If you do incorporate Instagram into your company’s content marketing arsenal, it is important to put brand building first. As with any other social channel, Instagram is only effective when it reflects your brand’s central identity; the photos and videos you share need to unquestionably reflect your business and its values. Take the Starbucks Instagram page, which is one of the most popular company pages on Instagram; it’s not the coffee that takes center stage in each photo, but rather the familiar Starbucks logo. Thus, there is never any doubt that you’re looking at one of the company’s Instagram pics!

More Than Images

Instagram is photo-driven, but it also includes room for written captions. Use this space to your full advantage, offering something that’s short and snappy and teases the user to check our your company website, share the photo, or at the very least click “like.” Note that while you can enter a company URL in your caption, users will have to copy and paste it into a browser for it to work. Also note that Instagram supports hashtags, and it is smart to create a hashtag that consolidates all posts related to your brand.

All Connected

Finally, remember to integrate all channels in your content marketing campaign. While it’s not smart to repost every Instagram photo to Twitter or Facebook, you should sync them up to post a few particularly memorable ones—which will mostly serve to draw more users to your Instagram page.

Again, Instagram is not for everyone, but its benefits are substantial. Wondering whether this social channel is right for your brand? Grammar Chic, Inc. offers free content marketing consultations. Contact us today: Call 804-831-7444, or visit http://www.grammarchic.net.

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