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How Recent Grads Should Handle Their Social Media

For recent college graduates who are now fully invested in the job search, social media can be either a blessing or a curse.

On the one hand, it can provide invaluable networking opportunities, chances to connect, to stay in touch, and to discover new opportunities. This is especially true if you know all the right social media tools to use.

Then again, when it’s used unwisely, social media can undercut your professionalism—and cause you to lose out on those opportunities. It’s all but certain potential employers will check out your online profiles before hiring you—and if all they see are those slovenly photos from your most recent spring break, that could be trouble!

So what should recent grads do about social media? And, what shouldn’t they do? Here are a few tips from the Grammar Chic, Inc. team.

What You Should Do on Social Media

We’ll start with the positives.

  1. Check your privacy settings. There’s nothing wrong with sharing personal photos with your close friends—but are those photos also visible to potential employers? Are you sure? Check your privacy settings to be sure.
  2. Search yourself. Do a quick Google search for your own name, and simply see what comes up. This might call up some older social media posts or Tumblr entries you want to delete!
  3. Create at least one strong, professional social media profile. Use LinkedIn to put your best foot forward, and to convey your professionalism and passion.
  4. Double and triple check your spelling and grammar. Sloppy writing on your LinkedIn page may cause you to get looked over for someone just a little more detail-oriented!
  5. Familiarize yourself with LinkedIn’s job search tools. Again, there are many great resources out there, for anyone willing to learn them.

What You Shouldn’t Do on Social Media

Now, the flipside.

  1. Don’t share a lot of controversial opinions. If you like talking about religion and politics on Facebook, be very careful with those privacy settings.
  2. Don’t complain. Even if you’re currently working a retail job you don’t especially care for, keep negativity off your feeds. Nobody wants to hire a complainer!
  3. Don’t think a LinkedIn profile replaces your need for a resume. While some information can be the same, for a successful job search, you really need both!

Whether you need help building that resume or getting your LinkedIn profile up to speed, our resume writing team is here to help. Reach out to Grammar Chic, Inc. today to discuss your job search needs; contact us at www.grammarchic.net or 803-831-7444.

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Getting a Job After You Graduate: Mistakes to Avoid


In just a few weeks’ time, a whole new crop of college graduates will emerge from their academic cocoon, spreading their wings to fly headlong into the working world. Maybe you’re one of them. If so, then we’re probably not the first to ask you this question: What are you going to do after you graduate?

Hopefully you’ve already got a post-college job lined up, but the sad reality is that many do not. Now’s the time to start networking, researching, and distributing copies of your resume. It’s also the time to get smart about the career search, and to avoid some of the most common job search errors that new and recent grads tend to make.

Such as…

  1. Not doing your research. You’ve been in college for four (or more!) years now, and if there’s one thing you’ve learned, hopefully it’s how to do some basic investigation. In some ways, the job search is no different from a term paper: The starting point is research. Before sending a resume to a specific company, and certainly before interviewing, make sure you investigate what the company really stands for, what its culture is like, what the position you’re applying for typically entails, and so on. Google is your friend here!
  2. Not using all available resources. And when we say all available, we specifically mean your school’s career center and/or alumni network. Ensure that you connect with the people on your campus whose job is to help you find work!
  3. Being generic. Four years of higher education has surely made you a uniquely gifted and qualified person. Don’t bury that uniqueness under a bland, faceless resume or cover letter. Make sure you tailor all of your job search documents to the specifics of the position for which you’re applying.
  4. Ignoring an embarrassing social media presence. Do you have a never-updated LinkedIn page, a Twitter account crowded with off-color jokes, or a Facebook profile loaded up with drunken Spring Break photos? Might want to take care of those before you start getting your name out there to hiring managers!
  5. Assuming that professional resume services are for experienced professionals. Having a professionally crafted resume can give you just the advantage you need over the competition—and if you’re concerned that it will prove expensive, take note: Resume teams like Grammar Chic’s will provide reasonable prices and discounts to soon-to-be-grads. There’s no time like now to develop a truly stunning resume!

Get started now—and make your first step calling our resume writers. Grammar Chic’s resume team can be reached at 803-831-7444, or www.grammarchic.net.

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