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How to Hire a Business Ghostwriter

Grammar Chic How to Hire a Business Ghostwriter Blog

I recently read an article in the El Dorado Springs Sun that spoke about the trend of business owners and CEOs of companies large and small hiring a ghostwriter out of the sheer purpose of creating a business book for use in marketing efforts.  The article hit on many major points that I normally speak about to business clients of my own who have thrown around the idea of writing a book, and I thought that this would be an appropriate time to address how to hire a business ghostwriter.

Why Writing a Business Book Can Help Marketing Efforts

Most business owners understand that writing a business book is probably not going to make them rich in the long run, considering over 11,000 are published on a yearly basis via traditional publishers alone.  I have to say that understanding this is probably the healthiest mindset you can have prior to entering the writing process. Instead, if you have been considering writing a business book or using a ghostwriter in this process you should understand that you are doing this to achieve certain things, namely:

  • Attracting new customers or appealing to existing clients.
  • Raising a public profile in order to be invited to participate in TV engagements or radio shows.
  • For use during professional speaking opportunities or in a seminar.
  • To generate increased media interest or promote a business.

Ultimately, when a ghostwritten business book is used in any of the aforementioned ways, you have a much better chance at succeeding in your endeavors, as opposed to simply believing you are going to cash in through a traditional publishing agreement.

Questions to Ask if You Are Considering Contracting a Ghostwriter

Of course, it’s always possible to write a book on your own.  However, if you, like many other business pros out there, are pressed for time, a ghostwriter cannot only help make the process easier, but also offer professional advice on the publishing process.  But you must make sure that the ghostwriter you are considering not only has the writing ability and expertise, but also has the ability to stay on task and finish the project per your requirements.  Ask these questions as you interview ghostwriters:

  • What type of book writing experience does the ghostwriter have?  Many ghostwriters list this service on their website or in their marketing materials, but when you actually get down to business, you might realize that they have never written a complete manuscript before.  Understand that not every ghostwriter has it in them to do this.  It is a massive undertaking and you need to make sure you are working with someone who has experience crafting an outline, gathering information and meeting your word count, while also providing high quality writing and capturing your voice.
  • Who can provide a testimonial for the ghostwriter’s experience?  Admittedly, ghostwriting is a highly confidential type of business, but anyone who has experience working with high-level individuals probably has a clause in their contract allowing for a referral agreement if the project is completed per the requirements.
  • Does the ghostwriter retain any rights to the finished product?  If they do, it’s a no-go.  A ghostwriter worth their salt understands that the end product is yours.
  • Is the ghostwriter available to begin immediately or are they currently committed?  What does their current workload look like?  Ask this question to make sure the individual is not so overloaded that they can’t concentrate on your work.  If they are vague about current commitments or accept a deposit from you without providing you with a timetable for delivery, know that something is up.  You want to make sure the individual is able to meet your deadlines.  Honest ghostwriters who are currently in the middle of a project will tell you so right off the get-go.
  • Does the ghostwriter have any other experience in the publishing world?  This could help significantly, especially if you have no understanding of the traditional or self-publishing process.  However, be leery of any person who claims blindly that they can get you published.  Relationships do matter in the publishing industry, but publishers and agents are focused on marketability measures associated with a book or author and do not hand out contracts on a whim.

There can be great rewards to writing or contracting a ghostwriter to craft a business book that highlights your experience or your company’s story, but it is important that you do your research and due diligence before throwing money at the project.  Make sure you are committed to the idea, are in the right mindset to engage in the project and have the correct expectations on what you could get out of writing a business book.  For more information on the ghostwriting process or to discuss the potential your idea might have, contact Grammar Chic, Inc. today by calling 803-831-7444 or visiting www.grammarchic.net.


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Everything You Need to Know (But Were Afraid to Ask) About Hiring a Ghostwriter


A lot of people would relish the chance to write a book, but few have the time, the energy, or, frankly, the talent to get the job done. Coming up with an idea for a book can be the easiest thing in the world; inspiration strikes, and all at once you are flush with brilliant ideas, ideas that simply need to be put onto paper. And that is where things get difficult: Writing a book is a huge commitment of one’s time, and, for those with little writing experience, it can prove laborious work.

That hardly means you should give up on your dream of becoming a published author, however. There is another option, popular among novice and veteran scribes alike—and that is to enlist the services of a professional ghostwriter. Indeed, there are more ghostwritten books on the bestsellers list than you may think, including not just celerity memoirs and political manifestos, but even cherished novels and children’s stories.

For many, of course, these are uncharted waters, and the questions are many: What is it like, working with a ghostwriter? What does the whole process entail? Here are a few quick facts about what is typical among ghostwriting endeavors.

How much does it cost?

This is the first question to be asked, when the topic of hiring a ghostwriter comes up—and alas, there is no simple or straightforward answer to give. It is probably fair to say that you will find a few ghostwriters who charge quite a lot, and others who charge substantially less, but this is certainly an instance in which you get what you pay for. An accredited ghostwriter, with ample experience, is going to charge more than someone with zero ghostwriting experience—and chances are, hiring the pro will prove a sounder investment.

Does the ghostwriter put his or her name on the cover of the book?

This is something you will want to figure out with your ghostwriter. Reach an agreement, and include the terms of that agreement in your contract with the ghostwriter. You can acknowledge the ghostwriter if you really want to, but the convention is for the ghostwriter to be totally invisible—and most professional ghostwriters are happy to abide by that convention.

How does one select a ghostwriter?

Hiring a ghostwriter is like hiring any other contracted professional: You are the one paying money to have a job done, so it is totally within your rights to expect some proof of legitimacy. Ask for writing samples, and ask for references from previous clients; a legitimate ghostwriter will be happy to offer these to you.

How long will the process take?

Once more, there is no hard-and-fast answer here. Obviously, a book that weighs in at 500 pages is going to take more time than a book that totals only 200 pages. Likewise, if research is involved, that will add to the time commitment. Generally speaking, however, you can expect a ghostwriting process to last anywhere from three months to about half a year.

If you are interesting in learning more about ghostwriting services including details on the process, timelines and availability, reach out to the team at Grammar Chic, Inc. by calling 803-831-7444 or visiting http://www.grammarchic.net.


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