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How to Get Started with LinkedIn Pulse


We get contacted by a number of small business owners who are looking to leverage the power of LinkedIn Pulse—and to see their own content featured on one of the world’s foremost publishing platforms.

Often, though, these small business owners aren’t quite sure where to begin.

Not only does Grammar Chic publish on Pulse, but we assist many of our clients in getting compelling, brand-enhancing blogs onto LinkedIn. What we really recommend is that you call Grammar Chic for a full consultation—but if you’re just looking to dive straight into Pulse, we can offer you a few quick pointers!

Get Familiar with Pulse

The first thing we recommend is that you really get to know this platform and what it represents. Publishing to Pulse is not quite the same as publishing to your company blog; Pulse caters to entrepreneurs and working professionals, and seeks to deliver specific and value-adding insights in digestible and actionable packages.

Get started by going to LinkedIn, clicking Pulse on the Interests tab, and then selecting Top Posts. This will show you the foremost posts from that day, providing a good opportunity for you to dig in and get a feel for the style, tone, and audience of LinkedIn Pulse.

We also recommend checking out LinkedIn’s own list of writing tips, which are all quite handy.

Get Specific

When choosing a topic to write about on LinkedIn Pulse, specificity is the name of the game. “Thoughts About Executive Rehab” is not a great topic. “Talking to your Boss About Executive Rehab” is a little better. “Five Ways to Discreetly and Confidently Talk with Your Boss About Executive Rehab” is better still.

Remember that the people who read Pulse posts want immediate benefits—and the more specific you get with your topic, the more confident they’ll feel that you have something to offer.

This, of course, carries us into the title of your post. A good title is massively significant, as poorly titled posts just won’t get clicked on. Statistics show that How-To and list-related posts tend to do well on Pulse. Question titles (“Why Hire a Content Marketing Firm?”) tend to do poorly.

Consider Your Timing

A final thought: Keeping your audience in mind, make sure you’re publishing at a time that will get you some solid readership. Remember that the average professional is less likely to read your post on Friday afternoon, when he or she is itching to get out of the office, and also on Monday mornings when he or she is just catching up with e-mails and getting set for the week. Midweek posts are probably—generally—ideal.

Again, for anyone looking to get started on Pulse, Grammar Chic offers full content writing and management services—so call us today to ask more. Reach us at 803-831-7444, or www.grammarchic.net.

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How to Become a LinkedIn Superstar

Grammar Chic LinkedIn Writing Tips Blog

Tell us if this has ever happened to you: You write a new blog post and are really proud of it, so you share the link as a status update on LinkedIn. You’re hopeful that people will see it, click through, and behold your thought leadership. But then, after a couple of weeks, your link has been buried under more recent status updates; on LinkedIn, unlike on Facebook, older posts disappear rather than remain visible, so your status updates may make little impact, if any at all.

That’s clearly no way to build LinkedIn visibility, authority, or thought leadership—but what can you do instead?

Boosting Your Visibility on LinkedIn

Some tips:

Publish with Pulse. LinkedIn differs from Facebook in many ways—and not just in what we’ve already said, that older status updates eventually evaporate rather than remain archived. LinkedIn has also distinguished itself as a true publishing platform, not just a social network; if you want to post something that will make a high impact, skip the “Share an update” link in favor of “Publish a post,” which will take you to LinkedIn’s “Pulse” blogging platform. These posts will have permanent links and prove much less ephemeral.

Join some groups—and participate. Fun fact: If you engage with LinkedIn groups, you’ll get, on average, four times as many profile views as those who do not.

Optimize your profile. Even if you’re not looking for a new job per se, a profile update can empower you to connect with other professionals and gain the status of a true industry leader.

Get a professional headshot. There is no reason to use anything less than a decent-quality, professional-grade photo as your LinkedIn profile picture.

Make yourself available. Ensure that your privacy settings allow for others to contact you through LinkedIn.

To optimize your LinkedIn presence may require the help of a professional ghostblogger, or else a resume expert; at Grammar Chic, we can offer both. Contact us today at www.grammarchic.net or 803-831-7444.

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Why LinkedIn Pulse is Our New Content Marketing Secret Weapon


Is LinkedIn poised to be the next media giant?

That was the question posed by a Forbes article, published just a few weeks back, and it increasingly feels like a rather redundant question. Ever since it introduced its Pulse blogging platform, LinkedIn has rapidly evolved from a career- and network-oriented site to a truly essential platform for content marketers everywhere—a publishing outpost you can’t afford to ignore, any more than you can refuse Facebook or turn down Twitter.

We could bore you with general LinkedIn statistics, of course—like how the network is now up to more than 330 million members, which is potentially a lot of eyeballs on your content—but maybe it would be more effective to share some details more personal. We’ve started publishing some of our Grammar Chic blog posts via LinkedIn Pulse, and they’ve generated hits well surpassing the 7,000 mark. We don’t mind telling you that this is a wider readership than we typically get for non-Pulse Grammar Chic blogs. We have set up several of our clients on Pulse, as well, and had across-the-board stellar results.

The reason for LinkedIn Pulse’s power is simple: It doesn’t just disseminate posts to your network, but to the entire LinkedIn platform. And by the way, if you’ve used Google News Search any time recently, you’ve probably noticed that Pulse posts can achieve great rankings.

It’s an invaluable tool, immediately essential for content marketers and small business owners everywhere—but it comes with a couple of caveats. The first is that those 300 million (or even 7,000) sets of eyeballs are going to be pretty meaningless if they glaze over as soon as they see your post. You’ve got to have a compelling, click-worthy headline for this platform to be useful to you, just like you do with any other content marketing platform.

For that matter: The entire post has to be engaging. If thousands of people are going to be reading your post, that may mean you need to step things up a notch. You can’t afford to make a bad impression with subpar writing or a generally uninteresting post.

For both of these caveats, there is a simple solution: Hiring a ghostblogger to help you craft first-rate, attention-grabbing, positive impression-making posts—ones that will lead to more connections, more conversions, and a higher profile for your brand.

The Grammar Chic team is proud to offer services in ghostblogging and in general social media consultation. Contact us today to learn more: www.grammarchic.net, or 803-831-7444.


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