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4 Ways to Improve Your Digital Job Search Today


When you’re a jobseeker, the Internet offers countless tools for promoting your personal brand, connecting to desired employers, and moving your career forward. Of course, all of this is contingent on you identifying and exploiting those tools, making the most out of the available resources.

If you feel like you could be getting more out of your digital job search, well, you’re probably right. Allow us to suggest a few ways you can make better use of your online resources today.

Know Your Personal SEO Keywords

Businesses target certain keywords to connect with customers, and jobseekers should target certain keywords to connect with employers. There are plenty of places where you can deploy keywords, including your Facebook “About” blurb and your LinkedIn profile. To know the right keywords, just look at some job postings in your field, and see what kind of language is used to describe key skills and job titles. Make sure your own terminology is not too dated; for example, you don’t want to call yourself a “webmaster” if that term has been replaced with “Web developer.”

Google Yourself

Why Google yourself? Because potential employers are definitely going to. Hopefully you’ll find positive results—your LinkedIn profile, perhaps a personal website. If you come across an old and out-of-date blog, you may wish to delete it. And if you find that you share a name with someone disreputable—like, someone who’s been involved with public scandals—you may actually want to consider adding a middle initial to your online profiles, distinguishing yourself. Your name is a vital set of online keywords, and it’s crucial to manage them.

Show Your Knowledge

Something else you’ll want to do is showcase your subject matter expertise. Prove yourself to be a true industry insider, an authoritative figure within your industry. The best platform for doing this is LinkedIn Pulse. Post regular blog updates where you display your familiarity with industry trends and practices. If you need help ghostwriting these posts, Grammar Chic can deliver it!

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Finally, we recommend a thorough audit of your LinkedIn profile, ensuring that each section is filled out completely and phrased with the right keywords. We can help with that, too, and in fact we offer full LinkedIn optimization services, which help you put your best foot forward on the Web.

You can start that process right now. Contact Grammar Chic to ask how we can help you position yourself better on the Web. Reach out to us at www.grammarchic.net, or 803-831-7444.

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5 Key Ingredients to Your Online Job Search


It’s amazing to think about how much the job search process has changed, even over the last five or sixe years—to consider how radically the Internet has transformed the employment process. That’s not to say that the need for a compelling resume and strong interpersonal skills has somehow been diminished—far from it—but the Internet has ushered in a new era of opportunities—as well as challenges.

How can you ensure that you’re fully prepared for success in the age of online job searching? We would contend that there are five core ingredients to any online job search.

What Every Job Seeker Needs

  1. To begin with, there is branding. Whether you know it or not and whether you like it or not, you do have your own personal brand, just as surely as Coca-Cola is a brand, just as surely as Apple or Old Navy or Habitat for Humanity. The question is, what does your brand stand for? What are you doing to establish your brand as the brand of choice among employers? Today’s job search is all about selling yourself as someone with skill, experience, and uniqueness, with a particular set of gifts and experiences to bring to the table. You should be present on LinkedIn and Facebook, on Twitter and on your own personal blog, and your profile information and your posts should all reflect the central concepts of your personal brand.
  2. You also need searchability. There are more online job seekers than ever before, so if you want the right hiring managers and recruiters to find your LinkedIn page or Google+ account, you need to make sure it is easily searched-for, which means including some pertinent keywords from within your industry.
  3. You also need thoroughness, especially when it comes to your social media profiles. A LinkedIn page that is not completely filled out, for example, will diminish your opportunities for searchability and for positive branding. It will also come across like you’re just too lazy to finish building your online reputation.
  4. Online job seekers need knowledge of their industry; simply setting up Google Alerts to stay abreast of industry trends will ensure that you’re well qualified to discuss current events when you go in for your next interview.
  5. Finally, job seekers need protection. Is there anything embarrassing or unappealing about you, posted to the Internet? Hiring managers are going to be Googling you, so you’d best Google yourself to get a feel for whatever’s out there. If nothing else, this will prevent you from being totally taken off guard in your next interview.

To put all of this in even simpler terms: Today’s job seekers need to use the Internet to its full potential. The team at Grammar Chic, Inc. can help with LinkedIn profile building and personal branding. Learn more by visiting www.grammarchic.net today, or by calling 804-831-7444.


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