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What You Need to Know About Choosing a Resume Writing Service


There is no denying that the job market is a fierce and competitive place. Dozens – and sometimes hundreds – of people vying for the same openings. As a job seeker, you want to stand out among the crowd, and one of the first opportunities to do so is to have a strong resume.

Hiring a professional resume writing service can be a great place to start. Let’s face it: not everyone excels at writing or being able to talk about themselves and their accomplishments. Some people haven’t written or updated their resume in years and expectations have changed. But in most cases, your ability to write a resume doesn’t impact your ability to do the job for which you’re applying. We turn to individuals and companies to support us in so many other facets of our lives, so why not writing a resume?

Tips for Choosing a Resume Writing Service

When it comes down to choosing a resume writing service, not all businesses are the same. It’s important to select a company that you can trust and whose services align with your needs. So what should you look for?

  • Beware of guarantees.

No one can guarantee that you will get a job or even an interview. That relies on many other factors aside from your resume. However, a solid resume can increase your chances of landing an interview.

  • Look for personalization.

Do you simply submit all of your information online and in a few days your new resume appears? Or do you actually get to collaborate with the writer? Grammar Chic engages in a one-on-one phone call with each client to learn more about them, their background, career path, work history, accomplishments, strengths, and more. This allows for a more personalized resume aligned with the client’s unique needs and capabilities.

  • Compare packages.

What are you getting in return for the cost? Going with the cheapest or most expensive company is not always the best choice. Look at what they offer. What type of consultation do you receive? Are edits or revisions included? What is the turnaround time? Is LinkedIn uploading provided? Do they offer other services such as cover letters and thank you notes? Paying a little more upfront can be beneficial if you’re receiving comprehensive services.

  • Ask about results.

You’re paying for a professional service – it’s okay to ask questions! Find out what type of results you can expect and what other clients have to say about the company. Check out the company website and reviews.

  • Get involved.

Gather as much information as you can to provide to the resume writer. This includes old resumes, job descriptions, performance reviews, awards, certifications, professional development, etc. Spend some time reflecting on your career and the things you are proud of. What skills have you developed that will benefit your next employer? What you do you feel your best strengths are? This can help to ensure that your new resume is a positive and accurate reflection of who you are. Just make sure you’re being honest.

There’s nothing wrong with hiring a resume writing service to help you with your resume. The job market is always changing and a professional company stays up-to-date with the latest trends and standards that you may have overlooked. If you’re unsure about where to start when it comes to your resume, or you’re not getting the results you had hoped for in your job search, contact Grammar Chic today to learn more about our resume writing services. Email info@grammarchic.net or call (803) 831-7444 to get started.


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How to Use LinkedIn to Find Your Dream Job


Here’s a question to ask yourself honestly: How many people do you know who found their dream jobs on LinkedIn?

This is one of the most common criticisms leveled against LinkedIn—that for all its focus on career advancement, at the end of the day it’s just not that useful for finding good, quality jobs. Your answer to the above question may well be zero, and if so, you’re hardly alone. It is important to note, however, that this is not necessarily because of some fault with LinkedIn. It may have more to do with the fact that so few people really know how to use the social network to its full potential.

Consider this: There are more than 277 million people on LinkedIn—and many of them are employers or recruiters! There are absolutely good jobs out there, but to get them, you’ve got to stand out from the pack. This means making yourself truly LinkedIn savvy.

Doing Your Research

To begin with, understand how LinkedIn fits into the broader social networking environment. Facebook is for fun and for personal branding; Twitter is for news and entertainment. LinkedIn is 100 percent career focused, and it’s an ideal place to make a connection with people who might offer you a job—plain and simple.

It’s also about doing research. One of the smartest things you can do, when on the job hunt, is to get on LinkedIn and do some checking up on people and companies. Get to know the values of the companies you’re interviewing with. Get a glimpse into the personality of the person who’s going to be interviewing you. Look for some common ground—a shared school or hometown, for instance. Make sure that, for every application you submit and every interview you head into, you’re fully prepared and you’ve thoroughly researched!

Searching Around

Have you ever spent an hour or more sitting with your tablet or laptop, simply drifting from one interesting Wikipedia entry to another? When you’re job hunting, you might do something similar—only, instead of Wikipedia entries, you might drift from one LinkedIn company page to another.

The best way to do this is to use the search feature. More than anything else, LinkedIn is a high-powered search tool—yet many job seekers fail to use it as such. Use the search bar to find open positions for a certain job title or description. Once you find a listing, note that LinkedIn will also offer further jobs with the same company, as well as similar positions at other companies. In other words, once you get started with the LinkedIn search tool, there’s no telling how far it might take you.

Get Active

The Grammar Chic, Inc. team has already shared ample insight into making yourself more marketable on LinkedIn; if you have not yet read up on how to optimize your profile, do so now! We will offer one additional insight, however, which is to get active in sharing positive experiences—not just in your profile, but also as status updates. Ensure that any recruiter or employer who glances at your page sees you as an active and engaged member of your industry. Highlight achievements such as seminar and conference attendance, or simply offer expertise in your field, perhaps linking to pertinent industry articles or blogs.

Status updates are not the only way to get active, by the way: Joining groups and adding something substantive to them—not just sales pitches but insightful comments or interesting articles—is another important way to build a name for yourself.

Send Messages

A final tip: Remember that you can send direct messages to anyone in your network. There are many ways to use this feature constructively, but the best approach might be to send introductory messages to anyone you are applying for work with—simply letting them know who you are and that you’re interested in the open position. In a way, this message might be a bit like an abbreviated cover letter.

You can bet that these tips will help you land a great job—yes, perhaps even your dream job—through LinkedIn; to learn more, please reach out to the Grammar Chic team today! Visit www.grammarchic.net or call 803-831-7444803-831-7444.


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