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The 90-Minute Plan to Revitalize Your Content Marketing


Tell us if this is the boat you’re in: You’re a small business owner, and you’re totally on board with content marketing—at least in theory. You’ve launched social platforms and a company blog, and you even update them from time to time. However, you’re just not seeing the results you’d hoped for. You know that you need to breathe some new life into your content marketing, but who has the time for it?

We feel you. Content marketing is what we do here at Grammar Chic, all day every day, so we know as well as anyone that it takes time to get it right. When you’re a small business owner, with about a thousand other items on your to-do list, devoting time to content marketing just isn’t viable some days.

But here’s some good news: If you’re looking to revitalize your content marketing, to kick it into high gear and give everything a nice polish, you can. In fact, there is much that you can accomplish in just 90 minutes.

Don’t believe us? Try this: Next time you have a spare hour and a half on your schedule, pause to do the following tasks, and see if it doesn’t reignite your fire for content marketing.

Rewrite your social media bios (25 minutes). You may have perfectly good bios on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, or whatever social networks you happen to use. Scrap ‘em anyway. Pull up a blank page and rewrite them. Focus on your company’s values—what’s really important to you? What sets you apart from the competition? Why should a customer pick your company over the others in your field? And what is your specific value proposition—that is, how do customers stand to benefit from choosing you? Let those questions motivate you as you write some new bio copy, if only to freshen things up and see to it that your social media pages are well-maintained.

Schedule your next five blog topics (25 minutes). No, you can’t actually write five new blogs in less than half an hour—and frankly you shouldn’t try! What you can do is think of your next five topics. Think through some common questions you get from customers. Take a look at industry trends, even at other industry blogs. Think of five topics you believe will educate, inform, and entice your potential customers. Find five days on your calendar when you might have a spare hour for blogging, and pencil in those topics!

Brainstorm a promotion (10 minutes). With the holiday season approaching, there’s no time like now to think up a contest or promotion. What’s something you can give away, and what’s a good way to do it? Do you want to simply offer 10 percent off coupons in your e-mail newsletter? Do you want to hold some sort of social media contest? Just take a few minutes to think up an idea, and then spend a day or two mulling it over before you launch it.

Ask a question (10 minutes). Sign into your company Facebook account and simply ask a question. Pick your readers’ brains. Ask them what their favorite thing about your company is; ask what topic they’d like to read more about; ask them to share something from their own experience with our brand. Maybe nothing will come of this, but it only takes a few minutes to try to strike up a conversation. This will keep users engaged, and may even generate some new ideas for your next round of blog topics.

Read some blogs (25 minutes). Devote the rest of your time to reading a few blogs—just for inspiration and your own betterment. Read some blogs related to your industry, or else check out some leading content marketing blogs—like, say, the Grammar Chic one! Get some fresh perspectives and see if they don’t motivate you to keep hammering away at the content marketing.

Does that all sound fairly doable? We hope so. Should you need any assistance, or have any questions about taking things a step further, you can always call Grammar Chic at 803-831-7444, or visit us online at http://www.grammarchic.net.

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