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5 Hallmarks of Great Evergreen Content


A great content strategy hinges on regular content updates—fresh new videos, blog posts, and social media entries that engage users while capitalizing on current trends. But if that’s all you’ve got fuelling your content strategy, you’re missing out on one of the key components of any digital marketing strategy—and that’s evergreen content.

We’ve written about the need for evergreen content before. Basically, this refers to the written, value-adding content that never goes out of style—timeless posts that can bolster your content strategy by offering endless revisitability. We’re talking about the in-depth tutorials, FAQs, and essays that you can refer your clients and readers to time and time again.

What Makes Evergreen Content Great

But how can you tell if you’ve got an instance of really great evergreen content on your hands? What does great evergreen content really look like?

Well, not all content is created equal, of course, but some of the essential traits of great evergreen content include:

Great evergreen content is timeless. This is really the defining trait of evergreen content, right? You can write it today and know that all of it will still more or less hold true in a year’s time; that even five years down the road you can direct readers to this resource and know that it will all hold up.

Great evergreen content adds value. The ultimate point of evergreen content is that you can use it to draw traffic and educate consumers for a long time to come. So, it needs to be interesting. It needs to add value. It needs to inform. It needs to provide a direct benefit to the people who read it. This is why so much of the best evergreen content comes in the form of how-tos, tutorials, and FAQ pages.

Great evergreen content is well-formatted. Again, what you’re going for is utility. You want your content to be useful to readers, which means structuring it in a way that’s easy to read, skim, and consult. Lists and step-by-step guides work well, as does long-form content that’s well-organized with subheadings and section titles.

Great evergreen content is usually long. Remember, you’re aiming for something resembling a treasure trove of information—and chances are, that’s going to be lengthier, not shorter.

Great evergreen content is understandable. If your content is full of technical terms and jargon, it’s probably not going to appeal to a broad reader base—and with evergreen content, breadth is usually key.

Evergreen content is critical for any content strategy—so how are your evergreen posts coming along? For help writing timeless and value-adding content, contact Grammar Chic at 803-831-7444 or www.grammarchic.net.


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The Secrets to Creating Evergreen Content


Recently, the Grammar Chic blog has really harped on the idea of creating and following an editorial calendar. We believe that it’s important to establish a plan and a schedule for your content marketing campaign—to decide what you’re going to post well in advance of actually posting it. The clear implication of this is that you’re not always going to be posting “newsy,” time-sensitive content; much of what you post is going to be more timeless, steady in its relevance and appeal.

In other words, you’re going to be posting evergreen content. If you’re still fairly new to the world of content marketing, this term may be unfamiliar to you—but it’s vital that you cozy up to it ASAP!

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content—according to most any content marketing professional you’ll find—is a key component in any blogging or social media endeavor. Evergreen content essentially refers to content that is not particularly time-sensitive—content that will remain relevant to your audience over a long period of time, largely unaffected by trends or current events. Evergreen content never goes out of fashion, so you can write it and post it at any time—allowing you to streamline your editorial calendar and fill your blog or website with content that content that will prove interesting year-round.

What are the Advantages of Evergreen Content?

Indeed, there are many advantages to investing in evergreen content. One of the main ones is that it removes some of the pressure of having to write timely, up-to-date content week in and week out. It brings flexibility to your content marketing schedule, and it also provides you with a sustainable, long-term content strategy: A piece of evergreen content can be shared and posted regardless of trends and current events, so it can potentially offer you steady website traffic. Additionally, you can periodically use evergreen content as social media fodder, really getting a lot of mileage out of a single piece of content.

How is Evergreen Content Created?

Of course, evergreen content can come in many forms—and some specific formats that we recommend include:

  • How-to guides
  • Tutorials
  • FAQs
  • General articles about your industry

Essentially, anything that offers value to your readers, and that isn’t tied to current trends, can qualify as evergreen content; as you endeavor to create it, keep some of the following tips in mind:

  • The entire point of evergreen content is to offer your readers something that will be interesting and relevant to them throughout the seasons, so ensure that the content is written with your end user in mind, conveying immediate value and benefit. You might look to what the top posts on your blog currently are, to see what kind of topics people care about. Also make sure to pay attention to questions that your readers are asking you, to help guide you toward relevant evergreen topics.
  • While evergreen content may need to be updated or refreshed from time to time, you don’t want it to become dated too quickly—so avoid referencing current events or brand new studies, when you can.
  • You don’t want your evergreen content to get lost in the shuffle of your timelier blog entries and content updates, so consider including a sidebar on your blog where you link to some of your most popular evergreen posts.
  • Promote your content! Evergreen content can serve as social media fodder, so periodically (every few months, maybe) share a link to your article on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and so on.

To learn more about the benefits of evergreen content, please reach out to the Grammar Chic, Inc. team today! Visit www.grammarchic.net, or call 803-831-7444803-831-7444.


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